The Long and Winding Road to a New Home

     At first glance, you may think that there is nothing spectacular about sweet Veda. Yes, her black/white/tan coat is shiny and healthy, but not all that unusual.  And true—her eyes are a common brown, but if you look closely, you will see mischievous eyes that seem to dare you to catch her when she’s at play.  What you cannot see is that her little body houses a spirited personality, filled with vigor and curiosity.  
     As a volunteer at Rabun Paws4Life, I have had an opportunity to spend time interacting with this sweet dog and could not help but wonder why she has not been adopted.  At only 20 months old, she is barely an adult and still exhibits the enthusiasm of a puppy.  She’s healthy, up-to-date on her shots, and has been spayed.  Veda weighs in at about 40 pounds, making her compact enough to be a house dog, yet large enough and energetic enough to be a spectacular running partner.
    Over the past few months, each time I visited the kennel and played with the dogs, I was surprised to see Veda was still there.  Earlier this week, I stopped by to visit with our Animal Intake Manager, Becca Neff, and asked her what the story is on Veda.  I learned that the attempt to find this poor pup a home has been a long and winding road. 

The outdoor dog runs designed by Dick Weber, in honor of Rosa Allen and funded with private donations was dedicated in 2014! 

~ Tanya Barton


     Apparently, Veda was only a young puppy when concerned residents living around Lake Burton first spotted her roaming the area, scrounging for food.  It was early autumn, and the weather would soon turn cold, so they knew something had to be done.  Several people contacted Animal Control, but when dispatched, the officers were unsuccessful in locating the abandoned dog.  As the weeks passed, some of the worried residents tried to befriend the puppy by drawing her in with food and water.  Thanks to their tenacity, they finally corralled the starving pup and brought her to the Rabun Shelter.  Once Veda was examined and declared healthy, the workers and volunteers at Paws 4 Life began the process of socializing the puppy and preparing her for the search for her forever home.
     It was no surprise to the Rabun Paws 4 Life staff when this beautiful, healthy, young dog was adopted by a local family on November 4, 2016.  As an energetic, sweet-natured pup who loves kids, Veda seemed to be the perfect match for them.  Everyone at Paws was ecstatic that Veda had a permanent home.  
     Sadly, only six months later, this sweet girl was returned to the shelter through no fault of her own.  The family explained that Veda loved to roam and explore, and since they did not have a fenced yard, she frequently disappeared.  They were worried she would be hit by a car, or would succumb to some other gruesome fate.  It had become apparent that without a fence, Veda’s life was at risk. 
     In the early days after Veda’s return, it was evident that this bright and affectionate dog was confused and lonely.   Having lived the family life for more than six months, she did not understand how or why she was back in the shelter again.  While striving to care for the huge number of animals in their care, the shelter workers try to interact with Veda as much as time permits.  When possible, Paws volunteers take her for walks, and provide some much needed hugs and affection.  Although this is no substitution for her own family, Veda seems to be regaining her zest for life. 
     It is time for this wonderful little dog to find her forever home.  She gets along great with children and other dogs, but will need a fenced yard to ensure her safely.   Won’t you come to Rabun Paws4Life and meet Veda?  She is ready and waiting to continue her journey to finding her new forever home.