Saturday, October 7, Paws Board Member Rebekah Krivsky and a volunteer attended Stonewall Creek Vineyards 2017 Harvest Stomp to promote Paws and received $642.10 in donations for the shelter.

It’s a fun afternoon with people stomping grapes, eating picnic lunches and enjoying Stonewall’s new harvest. This year a bus load of Red Hat ladies from Atlanta arrived all dressed like Lucy - remember her stomping grapes - all very colorful and entertaining.  We set up a table with a poster of adoptable dogs and cats, spring newsletters, a sign-up sheet to receive the fall newsletter and our donation jars. Even had a young lady ask if she could become volunteer. An adorable 11 yr. old little boy, Charlie from Athens, attended with his parents and he was so excited about what we were doing that he greeted people as they arrived and told them to be sure to come to our table and give us a donation. He was very persistent - maybe that’s why our donations increased this year. Carl and Carla Fackler, owners/vinters of Stonewall Creek Vineyard, give a percentage of the entrance fee each year plus during the year when people come

and leave a tip Carl or Carla save this for Paws. We thank Carl & Carla Fackler for including us in their event.

stonewall vineyards harvest stomp & foxfire Mountaineer festival

Rabun Paws 4 Life Takes Mountaineer Festival by Storm
     Saturday, October 7th, Rabun Paw 4 Life volunteers, shelter staff, and 34 critters who were up for adoption participated in the 27th Annual Foxfire Mountaineer Festival in Clayton, Georgia. Reeves Feed and Farm arrived early that morning to set up large, sturdy kennels to house our puppies and create a generous area where children attending the festival could play and interact with them. A big thank you to Reeves for providing, free of charge, these wonderful kennels for the day!  
     In a separate area, kennels brought from the Paws shelter housed kitties of all ages and varieties. Cat fans were welcomed to interact with the cats on a one-on-one basis, making the experience less stressful for the kitties. Those wishing to adopt found many adorable felines from which to choose. 
     Volunteers spent a busy day tending to the cats or walking the adult dogs around the area and talking with potential new pet families. Many folks just stopped by to see the cats and dogs and share stories about their own pets, both living and passed. Lots of wags, purrs, and sloppy dog kisses from the critters made for a festive atmosphere. 
     In addition to adoptions, our tables were overflowing with new collars, leashes, pet clothing, costumes, toys, and grooming supplies for both cats and dogs. The sale of these items not only raised additional funds for Paws but also enabled adopting families to outfit their new pets with snazzy accessories. 
     When the day finally drew to a close, Paws volunteers were delighted to realize that five cats and ten dogs had been adopted! Not only puppies and young adult dogs found their forever homes, but two of our seniors, a 9-year-old long-haired dachshund, Libby, and an 8-year-old pointer mix, Joni, will now be able to live out the rest of their days in the care of loving families.
     If you love dogs and/or cats, please think about how you can do your part to help us help these precious animals. Consider volunteering a few hours at the shelter or send your charitable donations to Rabun Paws 4 Life, to sponsor Rabun County’s homeless pets.