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                                                                  Fostering means providing a temporary home for an animal while it is preparing

                                                                  for its forever home. It is less permanent than adoption and is a convenient way

                                                                  to give to the shelter without the time commitment of volunteering. Foster homes

                                                                  are needed because some animals need extra help before they can be adopted.

                                                                  These animals may have special medical needs, require socialization, or need care

                                                                  that can better be provided in a home environment instead of the shelter.

Animals that benefit from fostering include:
Mother dogs or cats with litters of puppies or kittens
Puppies or kittens too young to be adopted
Frightened or abused animals that need extra attention
Animals with behavioral challenges
Terminally ill animals that need hospice care
Animals recovering from an illness
Animals that can benefit from being away from a shelter environment.

Foster programs are integral parts of successful shelters. Fostering is not only beneficial for the animals and the shelter.  It is also very rewarding for foster parents and makes it easier for animals to find forever homes. Foster mom June Chamberlin says, “Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you've been a part of saving a little life that might not have had a chance to survive.”

Paws is in need of foster homes! If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, contact Paws at 706-782-5422 or email mollykeaton@gmail.com.

Would you like to adopt an animal but are afraid of a long-term commitment?

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for animals most in need of help?

Would you like to experience one of the most rewarding programs Paws has to offer?

Consider fostering!